All Together Madison (ATM) is currently a steering committee dedicated to the economic and community revitalization of Madison, TN A’s it relates to the forthcoming ATM Strategic Plan and Market Analysis being conducted by economist Randall Gross. The steering committee is comprised of residents, local business owners, government officials, developers, church leaders, education leaders, real estate officers, and community organizations.  Mark North is the Chairman.  This committee was started in July 2015.

J.D. Elliott, former president of Memorial Foundation, may he rest in peace, selected the name:  All Together Madison.  It was his dream, too, to see his beloved Madison revitalized, poverty alleviated, more job opportunities, and the creation of strong community and wellbeing for all.  He was a great mentor, dedicated to helping those in need and his passion remains strong in our efforts.

The Madison Strategic Plan Report and Market Analysis will be available late February or in March 2018.  We are awaiting the completion of professional renderings and still meeting regarding transit oriented development and transit improvement timeline info.

All Together Madison is now in the planning stages of officially becoming a non profit community organization, following the release of the Strategic Plan.  Details to follow.

To volunteer for All Together Madison:

For more information please contact ATM co-founder and administrator, Sasha Mullins Lassiter.  917.514.0058 and