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Madison is a fertile area of opportunity in Davidson County close to downtown Nashville for large businesses, small businesses and people with big ideas, resources and energy from around the country.  Madison is the answer to challenges that face the Nashville “IT” city due to the explosive growth centering around downtown Nashville.

Madison, TN, is only 8.2 miles north at its closest point to downtown Nashville. Centrally located more than any other area in Davidson County, Ellington Parkway serves as a direct connection from downtown Madison to downtown Nashville with exits to Inglewood and East Nashville.

Madison is so very conveniently close to major highways and parkways: 65, 40, 24, Briley Parkway and local access roads St. Route 45 (Old Hickory) and Dickerson Road.  Madison begins at Briley Parkway and extends to the Hendersonville line in Rivergate, from Dickerson Road to the Cumberland River.  Madison is part of Metropolitan Nashville government and is located in Davidson County.  Best is you can get from Madison to downtown Nashville faster than even Green Hills to downtown Nashville.

We are Nashville’s North Shore,” says VP Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce, David McMurry.



Madison has a legacy and history that is no shadow of Nashville.  In fact, the country legends and heroes, and songwriters who called Madison home include Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Hank Snow, Maybelle Carter and the Carter family, Colonel Tom Parker, manager of Elvis, Earl Scruggs, Ferlin Husky, Dr. Hook, and many others like the Opryland bands.   Even today, plenty of songwriter and artists call Madison home because of its close proximity to downtown and ease of access to just about anywhere you want to travel in Nashville and beyond.  The urban suburb also has tremendous history which can be found on the history pages of this website.


Madison, TN, 2015 (c) Nick Grace

Madison is Nashville’s Little Big Town.

Madison boasts a little bit of a lot of everything.  Huh? You say?  Well, we got it all, ya’ll.   There is an industrial district featuring massive manufacturing properties, warehouses and offices, including the Madison Police Precinct, MTA bus facility and NES is building a mega complex.  Talk about employee population! Madison’s commercial real estate along Gallatin and off the side streets features buildings of every shape and size, servicing big box to budding entrepreneurs.  The lease and sale prices are unbeatable and a fraction of the cost of everywhere else in and around Nashville.  Prime commercial real estate is bountiful as this town is at the early stage of transforming, but rapidly.

Homes in Madison feature sprawling lots with well built affordable brick homes, comfortable and unique neighborhoods, riverfront homes, farmlands, and apartment living.  With plenty of affordable housing, Madison is prime for new development featuring mixed use buildings, luxury condos and apartments, inclusionary zoning, green sustainable community condos, and upscale retail and services.   There are greenways and parks.  Neely’s Bend is like a Leiper’s Fork with rolling hills and miles of working farmlands.  Peeler Park is a dream and will only become dreamier once the extension is built to connect the greenways, leading an eager bicyclist to a robust pedal all the way to downtown.


Peeler Park Fall 2014 (c) Nick Grace

Madison is the Green Hills meets the Gulch meets Providence on the North East end of Nashville.  NashvilleNext program with Metro Planning Department has proposed exciting new policy changes to Madison which will truly spur economic growth and prosperity!

Madison was indeed the Green Hills back in the 50s.  Berwick Trail was considered the Belle Meade corridor.  Madison Square was the fifth largest retail center in the South.  The first Shoney’s is still operating there.

Madison features a downtown area, with a Gulch meets 12 South meets Germantown potential, Rivergate is like a Cool Springs meets Providence, and then there is the Motor Mile wide open for opportunity, too.  The area is rich with development opportunities like no other place in Nashville.  All the infrastructure is in place from sidewalks, to highways, byways, turning lanes, and much more.

Madison is considered a “CENTER” to Nashville, actually having two centers, downtown Madison and Rivergate and an industrial district.  The demographic studies are impressive and includes Madison, East Nashville & Downtown, Inglewood, White’s Creek, Old Hickory, Hermitage and Hendersonville.  Madison is a high profile support CENTER for all of these vibrant surrounding Nashville areas that desire many more retail, restaurant, and other service options closer to home, on this end of Nashville.   And with the vast commercial real estate available so very close to these communities including downtown Nashville, Madison is a powerful investment focus within Nashville.


Madison, a hidden jewel with rich history.

Madison is ready for rejuvenation, reinvention, revitalization, reinvestment NOW!   And the community has come together to make this a reality.  There are programs and projects underway now, with State and Local government support including leading developers and leaders in the community joining in the effort.

Be sure to read We Love Madison, This Town Rocks!  for more excellent info.

Want more info or have a ?  Reach out:  sasha at madisontn dot org

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