MADISON is a blank canvas. Visionaries welcome.

All of Madison, Tennessee, is really cool and our downtown area of Madison is really a special place.  Especially if you close your eyes and realize just how powerfully prosperous this area can become for Nashville.

Downtown Madison (Anderson Road to Briley Parkway and Due West to I-65 and Briarville Rd) is completely ready to be the Green Hills meets Gulch meets 12 South but only in layout and design.  We also have a couple of high rises along Gallatin.  So the sky’s the limit on vision.  We’re an urban developer’s dream, okay?  An economic and community development officer’s fantasy.  An Ivy-league school Dean’s golden case study for economic rejuvenation and civic design.

Because we are a down-to-earth, humble community filled with generations of hard working folks, new families, farmers and creative-types we seek the unique yet we crave quality of life businesses of all kinds.  Madison is very affordable and we aim to keep it that way.  Though, high end businesses are welcome to set up camp here too because there is a large community of wealthy folks to cater to within a ten mile radius all around us.  And they wouldn’t have to fight traffic trying to get to amenities in Green Hills or Cool Springs.

We also think of Madison as the UNIQUE Artist and Entrepreneur hamlet on this side of Nashville minus the high-dollar ultra hip cool vibe.  We are the raw artist area for those that like to get messy and go big.   We are the cool area for tech heads looking for an excellent industrial space to focus and create mega technology projects and do some wild software brainstorming and inventing right on the river off Myatt Drive.  Our Motor Mile area is so inviting to gear-heads out there looking to find a place to set up their own car or bike shop or any type of shop that’s unique and fun.

Madison is TRUTH.  Madison’s got it all, ya’ll.

Our Rivergate area is the big box area, think Providence, Mt. Juliet, Cool Springs in Franklin area.  Wide open for the big guns to move in here and be soooo close to downtown and service all the surrounding areas on this end of Nashville/Davidson County and beyond.

There’s a lot of changes happening for the better here.  We have an excellent BRT bus line.  Our schools are receiving the much needed attention to improve, our amazing police precinct with the only CSI/DNA crime lab in the region are working hard to clean up Madison and making it much safer here.  Madison crime rates are lower than other popular areas.

All told, Madison is the answer to Nashville’s growth challenges.  We are truly a little big town right in downtown Nashville’s backyard.   We are ready with all the infrastructure to be that alternative employment & entrepreneur & artist core/center to downtown Nashville.   Madison is Urban Suburbia meets Country Farm livin’  minutes to downtown.  Oh, by the way, thank you Mayor Dean for getting the bicycle lanes and brand new asphalt all along Due West and Gallatin Road.   It is so inviting.  Now if only the quality of life businesses would follow —

You see, we are so wildly prepared for you: developers, businesses seeking a Nashville home, and of course the dreamers and visionaries!  Come to Madison!

Rethink Madison!

Check out the possibilities click photo below to enlarge and hit back button to return to this page.

commercial map


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