Madison…still an overlooked goldmine in “IT” city Nashville.

Amazing.  The latest news is how Antioch is finally getting their just due….their revitalization with finally lots of state and city  investment, private investment, etc.  That’s awesome.  I love how the news piece states  “The Antioch location is considered to some observers among the few remaining properties in Davidson County that can support such a significant number of jobs. Specifically, CHS is eyeing a century-old farm site for its office campus.”

Hmmm… Madison has a 50 acre site just off Ellington Parkway with the potential for an I-65 spur.  Perfect for IKEA.  We have a 40+acre site on Gallatin Avenue ready to become a really awesome totally unhip version of the Gulch.  We have a 40+ acre industrial/retail site on Myatt Drive less than a mile from I-65 and Vietnam Vets Parkway.  Just a few examples.  Bonus, we are CLOSER TO DOWNTOWN THAN ANTIOCH and you can be anywhere from Madison in twenty minutes or less!  And yes, we are blighted and tired looking.  We have poverty and like a good neighbor we are working on solutions to really help our low income families.  Not just hype.  Madison is a Perfect Redevelopment District to attract tons of jobs with ease of access to get to work.  But MDHA says no.  NO redevelopment district for YOU!

I ask, again, what about Madison?  The response, you got a police precinct.

Oh.  (though p.s. we were just approved for a new community center….the last community to get an updated one? I’ll take it!)

Here we sit in merry ol’ school retro Madison, exactly central to anywhere you want to be in Davidson county right off Briley Parkway, sweetly sandwiched between all major highways and we even have our own private thoroughfare, Ellington Parkway.  A direct smooth cruise from downtown Madison to downtown Nashville.  In 8.2 miles.  Enough to maybe hear 3 or 4 favorite songs on your playlist.

We have loads of groovy commercial and industrial real estate both for sale, lease, and they will take any deal.  We are the PERFECT location for the TRUE live/work artist who isn’t interested in being “SEEN” on the “SCENE” in all hip downtown locations.  Artists would rather focus on their art and be excellent, make noise, get sloppy with paint, and just BE the artist they WANT to be without high rent and pissy neighbors.

Home prices are super reasonable, so sweet humble folks don’t have to feel pushed out of Davidson County.  We have lots of Desi and Lucy looking homes here with big yards.  Kinda Mayberry meets Lower East Side NYC. (The old Lower East Side, not the new.  OH BOY not the new.)

We welcome mom & pop shops, striving entrepreneurs and dreamer tech geeks here in Madison.  Oh, but, hey, we are NOT hip.  If you want hip and cutting edge, we ain’t that.  We are just bold intellectuals and down home working folks who know nothing hip.  We aim to be unhip as a matter of fact.  We’re the types that probably don’t get a date on a Saturday night.  We’d rather chill with the family or have a few friends over.  Save our money for something crafty at Lowes or Joanne’s, or maybe pickup an old guitar or get a computer to pull apart at the pawn shop, or maybe rescue wilted discount garden plants for our gardens from Kroger’s or Home Depot.

So, as all the developers, site selectors, and investors get jiggy on the honky tonk hip Nashville.  Here we are.  Working class Madison hopeful for working class development, i.e., mom & pop type shops, cute and affordable restaurants, pizza parlor (yo Joey’s House of Pizza), sweet dreamers with big ideas and modest pocketbooks, you know what I’m saying.

We are down home folk here in Madison.   Sipping Old Fashions on the Cumberland River while barefoot watching the barges float by while turkeys cruise our bird feeders and the paint drips off my brush onto the ground having missed the canvas because I was watching an eagle fly by and I’m being serenaded by hubby who is cranking out bitchin new rock music with his buddies as they compose a new song.  And my neighbors ask if we’d like some tomatoes from their garden.  And I’m how far from downtown.  Yeah.  And I’ve got options, lots of options to get to downtown. Or Greenhills.  Or Donelson.  Or the airport.  Or, just about anywhere.  On a scale of one to ten I rate Madison off the charts beautiful yet sketchy with hope for renewal.  So we can all enjoy Madison for the spirit of it’s little big town feel and opportunity for the working class folks and dreamers and artists.

Oops…time to go to work.  Bartending at a gig downtown.  No need to rush, I’ve got Ellington Parkway.  Wide open Ellington.  I’ll be there in 20 minutes…door to door.   Yeah, let me listen to dj Tommie Sunshine from Brooklyn…whoa, barely got to song three and here I am at work.

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