Madison, TN, real estate market on fire!

Madison’s real estate market is on fire.  Several agents have told me the bids are pouring in the moment a home hits the market and then the home is sold within days.  How interesting considering our sweet struggling town was snubbed only six months ago.  It’s wonderful that people are really digging the heart and soul of this beautiful jewel, Madison.

Madison is true working class community with a diverse mix of people from all walks in life.  We have income levels across the board, but mostly we are a humble working class community with regular folks, artists, entrepreneurs,  senior citizens, who have lived here all their lives and raised multiple generations, families, and even homeless neighbors who we are working hard to give a hand up.

Madison is the classic example of it takes a village to raise a village up.  And we as a community are coming together through Madison Community Alliance and making revitalization a reality.

The proof of how awesome Madison is, is in the fact that people want to live here and call Madison home, like they did in the days of yore.  Madison is making a come back!

So, come on back!

3 thoughts on “Madison, TN, real estate market on fire!”

  1. I have lived here 61 years. I am thrilled our property value is going back up…there might be hope for Madison yet.

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