FREE spay/neuter for outdoor cats in Madison!

 Pet Community Center has a grant program in Madison right now to spay/neuter outdoor cats.  It’s a HUGE opportunity for this community and we need to get the word out there about the FREE spay/neuter for outdoor cats.
The sooner we can get them fixed, the easier kitten season will be in a couple months.


UPDATE: 2/2/2016:  This 1/14/16 Community
It was a full house at the Madison Community Alliance. Madison strong as a unified voice! Next month’s meeting: ZONING and the Madison Community NashvilleNext plan.  Don’t want tall & skinnies but want nice mixed use buildings on Gallatin, Speak up Madison!  YOU’RE MADISON.  The next MCA meeting for the community will be announced and will focus on the NashvilleNext Madison Community Plan and understanding and updating zoning so that we are developer ready.
– – –
 JANUARY 14, 2016
is a gathering of all residents, organizations and businesses in Madison, TN
whether you own or rent, if you live or work in Madison or just plain ol’ love Madison, please attend!
This an exciting meeting to discuss the revitalization of our beloved Madison and to hear from our council representatives, state senators and state reps and other local organizations about the future of Madison.
This meeting will run Town Hall style so please submit your concerns and ideas and gratitude statements to  Your submissions will then be categorized and organized for presentation.
Because we expect a large turnout we are asking for your questions ahead of time so that a spokesperson can represent the community and directly ask the questions to our local government representatives and community organizations for Madison.
There will then be a meet and greet with your local representatives and organizations.  Please pass the word on about this meeting.
PLEASE ATTEND! January 14th, Thursday, 7pm.
Madison Police Precinct
400 Myatt Drive
Community Room
Refreshments will be provided by our own Kickin’ Coffee in Madison!
Confirmed elected officials will be there to discuss the future of Madison and answer your questions, including:
Lonnell Matthews
Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods
& Community Engagement
Bill Pridemore, District 9
Metro Council
Anthony Davis, District 7
Metro Council
Nancy VanReece, District 8
Metro Council
Brenda Haywood, District 3
Metro Council [did not attend]
Doug Pardue, District 10
Metro Council [did not attend]
Senator Steve Dickerson
Senator Jeff Yarbro
State Rep. Bill Beck invited – but not sure can attend
State Rep. Brenda Gilmore – awaiting answer
Jill Speering
Metro School Board, District 3
Madison Rivergate Chamber
Discover Madison
Madison Neighborhood Watch
Pride in Madison is Picking Up – anti-litter campaign



Oh, joy. Google Fiber is HERE! installing in Madison. Of course, a prominent news article left us out and listed the affluent neighborhoods receiving this fantastic service. That’s okay. We are not hip, we are not yuppy, we are not affluent.  We are simply working class folks, diverse, humble, and creative. Lots of salt-of-the- earth folks and Mom and Pop businesses call Madison home, including lots of artists quietly enjoying live/work space.  Madison ROCKS.  And now we got Google Fiber, too. Small businesses can thrive really well here.

We love Madison.



Here are some groovy testimonials from long time and new residents:

Madison grew from a wide spot in the buffalo trace from the plains of Kentucky to the great salt lick at what became Nashville. It was settled first by Native Americans and then by European settlers looking to improve their lot in life. Madison flourished in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Madison continues as a community with it’s own identity and culture and is posed to become yet again a place to be from.” – Andrew Ward

“15 minutes to downtown and easy access to major highways to anywhere.  An undiscovered diamond in the rough.  An investment in Madison will do nothing but grow!” – Andrew McGill

Love living in Madison! Been in Madison since 1978!” – Nancy West

I met a gentleman in his 80’s that lived in Madison his whole life and he simply said, ‘I love Madison, I love everybody here, everybody.'” – Buffy Butler

“…It has helped our residents take more pride in Madison by getting more involved and I think the results are being shown throughout 37115. There is business growth all through the area which I believe is, in part, a result of the community pride that has exploded over the past couple of years. My wife and I have lived in Madison since February 2006 and it wasn’t until the past few years that I really have gotten the sense that Madison is the place to be. It cannot be ignored that the contributions by groups like these have been a huge factor in making this a great place to live.” – Nick Grace

I lived in Madison in 1970 till about 75 then moved to another part of Nashville. Now after marrying my hubby am back inMadison. I love living here. My hubby has lived around here for alot of years and loves it. There is no need to go anywhere else. Madison has everything you could want and need.” – Linda Jeanette Steelman Jones

I love living in Madison. Great neighbors, convenient to everything. Lived here then lived in Whites Creek, so glad to be back inMadison. Feel safe here, it’s a great community.” – Regina Fluty Knight

A community is what its residents make it. Madison has many people who are working hard to instill a great quality of life. I’m proud to tell people I’ve been a Madison Park resident for 13 years and plan for many more!” – Lawson Patten

“Madison is America. We have rich and poor, we’re multiracial and multi-religious, we have families who have been in this country for generations alongside the newly arrived, we can walk down the street and hear different languages spoken. . . It’s an encouraging place to live because we see before our eyes how many ways it’s possible to be an American.” – Nan Blomgren

“I first moved to Madison with my parents and brother in 1960. We became a family of between 8 and 15 with fostering. I married and moved only as far as Murfreesboro and Goodlettsville until 1985 when we returned. We have a well built home, friendly and supportive neighbors and convenience to work, worship, shop and enjoy the beauty of middle Tennessee. Life is rich in Madison.”- Katrina A. Waltenbaugh

Every time I move away from Madison, I can’t wait to move back.” – Susie Pierce

We love Madison. We lived here almost 50 years ago when we first married. Left the area and moved to another city. Moved back to Tennessee and lived in another suburb for many years and then chose to purchase our present home here in Madison and have lived for here for about 20 years and plan for this to be our last move. It is just perfect for us. Convenient and beautiful area close to everything we need and love.” – Carolyn Crouch Sanders

I grew up in Madison “down in the bend”. I went to Neely’s Bend Elementary, Neely’s Bend Junior High School and Madison High School. I moved back to Madison about eight years ago. I love it here. We are a short drive to everything from Marrowbone lake to downtown Nashville.” – Chivonne Peeler

I was born in Madison and will do what I can to keep it and make it back to its Glory days. Love the people here.” – Rick Pharris

I love my neighborhood because of my GREAT neighbors. If I go out of town, I can expect someone to call and find out why our cars haven’t been moved or place our trash cans back. Some of my neighbors remember my girls birthdays and bring gifts. The examples of how loving everyone is to each other is truly amazing!!” – Ebony Sims Jackson

I was born at Madison Hospital in ’68.  Great year for muscle cars by the way! Love Madison. Have moved a few times, but jumped on board when Long Hollow opened up a Madison satellite! Have been back there 2 years and enjoying the work God is doing in our church for the community!” – Laura Ann Watson

I was born in Madison Memorial Hospital in ’69 and lived behind the Peterbilt Truck plant. I have fond memories of the Sears store where my father would take me downstairs and get me hot cashews, the Harveys store with the giant carousel horse on top and Alfie’s fish restaurant. I made many trips on my bike down to Knights grocery for candy & coke and in my later years worked at Sweet & Sassy. I have since long left Madison, but still think of that as my home.” – Wendy Baker

Growing up in Madison was such a wonderful experience. Accompanying my parents to the B&B Cafe, Draper’s Hardware Store, Pugh’s Drugstore, or Core’s Service Station was a social experience.  We knew the owners and others who dropped in at the same time. What a treasured memory of a treasured time.” – Brenda Jenkins Kleager.

I like Madison because everything you want or need is close by, restaurants, churches, schools, banks, stores and planet fitness. Great bus service if you need it. Healthcare and pharmacies. My sister lived here for a while. She had a little girl she named her Madyson.” – Kim Cohorn Upchurch

I do not drive because of poor eyesight. Everything I need is withing walking distance of my house pretty much.  Five grocery stores, an express bus stop to downtown, Great Escape for records, and good friends.” – Thaddaeus Tekell

Grew up in Montague.  Everything to love about childhood memories!  I have been away for many years and I hope that it can be rejuvenated to the standards it once was……People being proud of where they live and taking care of her would be a nice gesture.” – Sabrina Edgen Storm

I have fond memories of growing up in Madison. I was two years old when my parents brought a house on Oak Street. The street name has been changed and the house is no longer there, but what a place to grow up. Safe, no locks on the doors and a friendly little community in the 40’s and 50’s. There was a small grocery store call Master Market on the corner of Oak and Gallatin Pike that would give credit to my parents and my father would pay the bill every week or two. Later when I was in high school we moved down the Bend to Camel Avenue. Yes, fond memories of me and my eight siblings growing up in Madison, Tennessee.” – Peggy Barnett Tedford

I grew up down the bend and have lived in Madison for the majority of my life. Now I get to live on the mighty Cumberland River. It’s so peaceful here. I have great neighbors and everything I need is conveniently located. Madison is a great place to live, work and retire!” – Jill Speering, Metro School Board

I love growing up in Madison – Old Hickory lake is my favorite place to go – and it’s awesome now to take my 10 year old boy there and we just hang out -and to share the stories with him about my childhood at the lake – so now it’s one of his favorite places to go.” – Nisa Anderson

Love the quite in the city…have horses in my back yard love it.” – Missy Jordan

From the river by “the bricks” to Dogpatch & all its cute hot chicks; there’s Knight’s store on the corner, The Center & its courts; there’s Smeraldo’s, Rick’s & Rollins’ & peddlers of all sorts… Little League park & theMadison Rams; living in Mad Side is an experience all its own, if not born & raised (smh) I don’t expect ya to understand …” Jeff Newland

I grew up in Madison and so has my Dad and he is now 82 years old. His Dad lived on Idlewild where my dad was raised and I do not know how long his dad lived here in Madison. Also My grandfather had a grocery store too in Madison when my dad was young. …I do not know if anyone has lived here in Madison longer than my dad and has family roots here right here in Madison. I know my dad loves Madison and there is no way I could drag him out of here… As for growing up here myself, it was cruising Madison Square and Shoney’s having drive up curbside service and going to the Drive Inn Montague to watch a movie.  Hillbilly Day and the parade. Would be great to be able to do this again here in Madison Community. My brother God rest his soul for 11 years, worked at the Madison Fire Department as a Paramedic and so many times between runs they would often stop by Mom and Dad’s and get dinner and then off to save a life. To this day if I have to call the ambulance or firefighters to my or dad’s house they recognize the pic of my brother as they enter either my or my dad’s house. Metro Firefighters and Paramedics are the best. Many good memories.” – Jane Bradford


The Madison Community Alliance forms!

The Madison Community Alliance unites all Madison neighborhood groups together as a unified voice of action for Madison, TN.

Already, significant work is taking shape as the Alliance Chair, Andrew McGill, is actively speaking with commercial landlords about cleaning up their properties in downtown Madison. We have seen the community come together to join in this effort through social media. Kroger has immediately jumped on board with a mission to clean up their building, shopping center and property downtown.

The Madison Community is taking matter into their own hands to establish a relationship with landlords and to hold them accountable for the maintenance and wellbeing of their properties.

Still in its formation stage, the Madison Community Alliance will be establishing various committees that Madison residents and businesses can join in the effort to revitalize Madison. For more information, please contact sasha at madisontn dot org

Madison…still an overlooked goldmine in “IT” city Nashville.

Amazing.  The latest news is how Antioch is finally getting their just due….their revitalization with finally lots of state and city  investment, private investment, etc.  That’s awesome.  I love how the news piece states  “The Antioch location is considered to some observers among the few remaining properties in Davidson County that can support such a significant number of jobs. Specifically, CHS is eyeing a century-old farm site for its office campus.”

Hmmm… Madison has a 50 acre site just off Ellington Parkway with the potential for an I-65 spur.  Perfect for IKEA.  We have a 40+acre site on Gallatin Avenue ready to become a really awesome totally unhip version of the Gulch.  We have a 40+ acre industrial/retail site on Myatt Drive less than a mile from I-65 and Vietnam Vets Parkway.  Just a few examples.  Bonus, we are CLOSER TO DOWNTOWN THAN ANTIOCH and you can be anywhere from Madison in twenty minutes or less!  And yes, we are blighted and tired looking.  We have poverty and like a good neighbor we are working on solutions to really help our low income families.  Not just hype.  Madison is a Perfect Redevelopment District to attract tons of jobs with ease of access to get to work.  But MDHA says no.  NO redevelopment district for YOU!

I ask, again, what about Madison?  The response, you got a police precinct.

Oh.  (though p.s. we were just approved for a new community center….the last community to get an updated one? I’ll take it!)

Here we sit in merry ol’ school retro Madison, exactly central to anywhere you want to be in Davidson county right off Briley Parkway, sweetly sandwiched between all major highways and we even have our own private thoroughfare, Ellington Parkway.  A direct smooth cruise from downtown Madison to downtown Nashville.  In 8.2 miles.  Enough to maybe hear 3 or 4 favorite songs on your playlist.

We have loads of groovy commercial and industrial real estate both for sale, lease, and they will take any deal.  We are the PERFECT location for the TRUE live/work artist who isn’t interested in being “SEEN” on the “SCENE” in all hip downtown locations.  Artists would rather focus on their art and be excellent, make noise, get sloppy with paint, and just BE the artist they WANT to be without high rent and pissy neighbors.

Home prices are super reasonable, so sweet humble folks don’t have to feel pushed out of Davidson County.  We have lots of Desi and Lucy looking homes here with big yards.  Kinda Mayberry meets Lower East Side NYC. (The old Lower East Side, not the new.  OH BOY not the new.)

We welcome mom & pop shops, striving entrepreneurs and dreamer tech geeks here in Madison.  Oh, but, hey, we are NOT hip.  If you want hip and cutting edge, we ain’t that.  We are just bold intellectuals and down home working folks who know nothing hip.  We aim to be unhip as a matter of fact.  We’re the types that probably don’t get a date on a Saturday night.  We’d rather chill with the family or have a few friends over.  Save our money for something crafty at Lowes or Joanne’s, or maybe pickup an old guitar or get a computer to pull apart at the pawn shop, or maybe rescue wilted discount garden plants for our gardens from Kroger’s or Home Depot.

So, as all the developers, site selectors, and investors get jiggy on the honky tonk hip Nashville.  Here we are.  Working class Madison hopeful for working class development, i.e., mom & pop type shops, cute and affordable restaurants, pizza parlor (yo Joey’s House of Pizza), sweet dreamers with big ideas and modest pocketbooks, you know what I’m saying.

We are down home folk here in Madison.   Sipping Old Fashions on the Cumberland River while barefoot watching the barges float by while turkeys cruise our bird feeders and the paint drips off my brush onto the ground having missed the canvas because I was watching an eagle fly by and I’m being serenaded by hubby who is cranking out bitchin new rock music with his buddies as they compose a new song.  And my neighbors ask if we’d like some tomatoes from their garden.  And I’m how far from downtown.  Yeah.  And I’ve got options, lots of options to get to downtown. Or Greenhills.  Or Donelson.  Or the airport.  Or, just about anywhere.  On a scale of one to ten I rate Madison off the charts beautiful yet sketchy with hope for renewal.  So we can all enjoy Madison for the spirit of it’s little big town feel and opportunity for the working class folks and dreamers and artists.

Oops…time to go to work.  Bartending at a gig downtown.  No need to rush, I’ve got Ellington Parkway.  Wide open Ellington.  I’ll be there in 20 minutes…door to door.   Yeah, let me listen to dj Tommie Sunshine from Brooklyn…whoa, barely got to song three and here I am at work.



Guess what?  Plans are approved not only for the community center but an entire overhaul for Madison Park in Madison, TN.

Metro Arts is asking for ideas for public art for the new park.  Epic, right?   This is the announcement from Metro Arts:

Share Your Thoughts on Public Art for Madison and Smith Springs Parks!
Public art is making its way to neighborhoods across Nashville and Davidson County, and we need your input! New community centers at Madison Park and Smith Springs Park are in the design phase now, and both include opportunities for public art. If you live or work in one of these neighborhoods, we hope you’ll spend a few minutes telling us what makes your community special. We will share this feedback with the selected artists as they create concepts for public art at these community centers.
Please follow this link to our website or go directly to the online feedback forms:
Madison Park Community Center Feedback Form

and check out this announcement from Councilman Bill Pridemore, our hero, who fought hard to get approval:

Madison will Receive a New Community Center as approved in the FY 2016 Capital Improvement Plan

I am pleased to announce that a master plan for the entire Madison Park has been developed including a new Community Center. The new Community Center is a recommendation of the Countywide Parks & Greenways Master Plan. Last year, Mayor Dean and the Metro Council allocated funding for design. Construction has NOW been funded.  The construction cost estimate has been provided to the Mayor and Metro Council and has been included in the FY16 capital spending plan. The building should be completed in early 2017. The master plan is a long-term guide for future investments in the park‘s outdoor areas.

So, Madison is rising like a phoenix out of the ashes.  Respect.  We love Madison.

Petition! Quality of life businesses for Madison only. Say NO to the Swinger’s Club! THAT WANTS TO BE A CHURCH NOW.


update:  The Swinger’s Club (The Social Club) is moving to Antioch.  Hopefully the building will be used as a rehabilitation/transitional housing for our homeless friends to build a strong life.  That remains to be seen.  Not sure if the organization will get the funding they need.

update:  The Swinger’s Club (The Social Club) was blocked by Metro Council to set up a private member sex club in a commercial office/medical environment with a change in zoning.   They are outraged and will sue.  They will not sell the building they bought for $750K for the same price.  They want $3 million, plus sue the government, well, us tax payers.  THEN another blow ahem.  The state says….If it turns out to continue operating as a swingers club, it could also face trouble with the state after lawmakers passed a bill last month disallowing private sex clubs within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, day cares and houses of worship.

So….in an effort to revitalize their joint now they will become a, ah, church, so they announced.  The S&M dungeons have been renamed to choir room and other racy rooms have been also accordingly renamed with holy references so we will see where this goes.  This is so super creepy that I’m letting Jesus and the Saints battle this one out.  Here is the link to their new United Fellowship Center aka Church:    [8/15 and now there is nothing at that link as they continue their dark secret operations in the middle of a neighborhood next to a playground, thirty feet from a Pediatrician office.]

Check this out, from my hometown paper 4/26/15:

PLEASE NOTE that an error in reporting is glaring as they describe the office building as run down.  It certainly is not.  And it is not hidden at the end of a dead end street, it shares a fence line with a residential neighborhood and is 30 feet from a pediatric dental office and next to an event space for family and children gatherings.  Oh, and did I mention once again that it shares a tree line with a playground for little babes and sports games.  And, I will add that we certainly would have known about it because we have been diligently working hard to economically revitalize Madison and TSC did not do their due diligence with an impact on community report at all.  You see Metro Planning NashvilleNext had already proposed new policy for that area prior to them moving in.  New policy that will help spawn revitalization and strengthen economic and community development.  This is an AP article so it ran everywhere.

CBS News picked up the story too.

In the meantime….

Sign the Petition to Keep Madison Healthy and Beautiful for our community. Say NO to the Social Club hard core Swinger’s sex club relocating to 520 Lentz Drive. This is next door to a K-12 school and playgrounds, an event building that hosts family events, in a medical building in a medical professional campus where there are pediatric physicians and it is in the most prominent area of Madison for economic rejuvenation. There is even new policy being written on this entire area so it can be a District Employment Center bringing jobs, supportive retail, offices and light industrial. This club smack dab in the middle is extremely wrong. They did not do impact on community research before selecting that location to open a sex club. It shares a fence line with a residential neighborhood.

Want to view the location where they intend to open the sex club? See how ridiculously inappropriate this location is? Check it out:

Tennessean news articles:  (updated 1/30/15)

MADISON is a blank canvas. Visionaries welcome.

All of Madison, Tennessee, is really cool and our downtown area of Madison is really a special place.  Especially if you close your eyes and realize just how powerfully prosperous this area can become for Nashville.

Downtown Madison (Anderson Road to Briley Parkway and Due West to I-65 and Briarville Rd) is completely ready to be the Green Hills meets Gulch meets 12 South but only in layout and design.  We also have a couple of high rises along Gallatin.  So the sky’s the limit on vision.  We’re an urban developer’s dream, okay?  An economic and community development officer’s fantasy.  An Ivy-league school Dean’s golden case study for economic rejuvenation and civic design.

Because we are a down-to-earth, humble community filled with generations of hard working folks, new families, farmers and creative-types we seek the unique yet we crave quality of life businesses of all kinds.  Madison is very affordable and we aim to keep it that way.  Though, high end businesses are welcome to set up camp here too because there is a large community of wealthy folks to cater to within a ten mile radius all around us.  And they wouldn’t have to fight traffic trying to get to amenities in Green Hills or Cool Springs.

We also think of Madison as the UNIQUE Artist and Entrepreneur hamlet on this side of Nashville minus the high-dollar ultra hip cool vibe.  We are the raw artist area for those that like to get messy and go big.   We are the cool area for tech heads looking for an excellent industrial space to focus and create mega technology projects and do some wild software brainstorming and inventing right on the river off Myatt Drive.  Our Motor Mile area is so inviting to gear-heads out there looking to find a place to set up their own car or bike shop or any type of shop that’s unique and fun.

Madison is TRUTH.  Madison’s got it all, ya’ll.

Our Rivergate area is the big box area, think Providence, Mt. Juliet, Cool Springs in Franklin area.  Wide open for the big guns to move in here and be soooo close to downtown and service all the surrounding areas on this end of Nashville/Davidson County and beyond.

There’s a lot of changes happening for the better here.  We have an excellent BRT bus line.  Our schools are receiving the much needed attention to improve, our amazing police precinct with the only CSI/DNA crime lab in the region are working hard to clean up Madison and making it much safer here.  Madison crime rates are lower than other popular areas.

All told, Madison is the answer to Nashville’s growth challenges.  We are truly a little big town right in downtown Nashville’s backyard.   We are ready with all the infrastructure to be that alternative employment & entrepreneur & artist core/center to downtown Nashville.   Madison is Urban Suburbia meets Country Farm livin’  minutes to downtown.  Oh, by the way, thank you Mayor Dean for getting the bicycle lanes and brand new asphalt all along Due West and Gallatin Road.   It is so inviting.  Now if only the quality of life businesses would follow —

You see, we are so wildly prepared for you: developers, businesses seeking a Nashville home, and of course the dreamers and visionaries!  Come to Madison!

Rethink Madison!

Check out the possibilities click photo below to enlarge and hit back button to return to this page.

commercial map