Petition! Quality of life businesses for Madison only. Say NO to the Swinger’s Club! THAT WANTS TO BE A CHURCH NOW.


update:  The Swinger’s Club (The Social Club) is moving to Antioch.  Hopefully the building will be used as a rehabilitation/transitional housing for our homeless friends to build a strong life.  That remains to be seen.  Not sure if the organization will get the funding they need.

update:  The Swinger’s Club (The Social Club) was blocked by Metro Council to set up a private member sex club in a commercial office/medical environment with a change in zoning.   They are outraged and will sue.  They will not sell the building they bought for $750K for the same price.  They want $3 million, plus sue the government, well, us tax payers.  THEN another blow ahem.  The state says….If it turns out to continue operating as a swingers club, it could also face trouble with the state after lawmakers passed a bill last month disallowing private sex clubs within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, day cares and houses of worship.

So….in an effort to revitalize their joint now they will become a, ah, church, so they announced.  The S&M dungeons have been renamed to choir room and other racy rooms have been also accordingly renamed with holy references so we will see where this goes.  This is so super creepy that I’m letting Jesus and the Saints battle this one out.  Here is the link to their new United Fellowship Center aka Church:    [8/15 and now there is nothing at that link as they continue their dark secret operations in the middle of a neighborhood next to a playground, thirty feet from a Pediatrician office.]

Check this out, from my hometown paper 4/26/15:

PLEASE NOTE that an error in reporting is glaring as they describe the office building as run down.  It certainly is not.  And it is not hidden at the end of a dead end street, it shares a fence line with a residential neighborhood and is 30 feet from a pediatric dental office and next to an event space for family and children gatherings.  Oh, and did I mention once again that it shares a tree line with a playground for little babes and sports games.  And, I will add that we certainly would have known about it because we have been diligently working hard to economically revitalize Madison and TSC did not do their due diligence with an impact on community report at all.  You see Metro Planning NashvilleNext had already proposed new policy for that area prior to them moving in.  New policy that will help spawn revitalization and strengthen economic and community development.  This is an AP article so it ran everywhere.

CBS News picked up the story too.

In the meantime….

Sign the Petition to Keep Madison Healthy and Beautiful for our community. Say NO to the Social Club hard core Swinger’s sex club relocating to 520 Lentz Drive. This is next door to a K-12 school and playgrounds, an event building that hosts family events, in a medical building in a medical professional campus where there are pediatric physicians and it is in the most prominent area of Madison for economic rejuvenation. There is even new policy being written on this entire area so it can be a District Employment Center bringing jobs, supportive retail, offices and light industrial. This club smack dab in the middle is extremely wrong. They did not do impact on community research before selecting that location to open a sex club. It shares a fence line with a residential neighborhood.

Want to view the location where they intend to open the sex club? See how ridiculously inappropriate this location is? Check it out:

Tennessean news articles:  (updated 1/30/15)

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