The Madison Community Alliance forms!

The Madison Community Alliance unites all Madison neighborhood groups together as a unified voice of action for Madison, TN.

Already, significant work is taking shape as the Alliance Chair, Andrew McGill, is actively speaking with commercial landlords about cleaning up their properties in downtown Madison. We have seen the community come together to join in this effort through social media. Kroger has immediately jumped on board with a mission to clean up their building, shopping center and property downtown.

The Madison Community is taking matter into their own hands to establish a relationship with landlords and to hold them accountable for the maintenance and wellbeing of their properties.

Still in its formation stage, the Madison Community Alliance will be establishing various committees that Madison residents and businesses can join in the effort to revitalize Madison. For more information, please contact sasha at madisontn dot org

3 thoughts on “The Madison Community Alliance forms!”

  1. I have lived in Madison most of my life. I was born here, at Madison Sanitarium and Hospital in 1957. I briefly lived in Springfield and then East Nashville, but then moved back to Madison in the late 80’s. My Mama and brother and now my brother still lives in the hose we grew up in. I well remember the Madison that was the “Green Hills” of the east side of the river! I am excited by the interest of a younger generation, to help turn it around for my old Hometown! It will never be the same…times have changed…a LOT! But I believe it will be a great place to live, shop and enjoy! There is a momentum now, that is contagious! Thanks to all who are working so hard!

  2. I am a resident of Madison and a New York Life Insurance Company Licensed Agent. I would like to become involved with the Madison Community Alliance.
    Vincent Sessoms

    1. Hello Vincent!

      Please join us on Monday, March 14th at 6pm for the Madison Community Alliance meeting to discuss Planning with Metro Planning Department, Redevelopment and Transit Oriented development and what it means to us, the community!!! Metro will be there.

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