Why we are Mad 4 Madison. Testimonials.


Here are some groovy testimonials from long time and new residents:

Madison grew from a wide spot in the buffalo trace from the plains of Kentucky to the great salt lick at what became Nashville. It was settled first by Native Americans and then by European settlers looking to improve their lot in life. Madison flourished in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Madison continues as a community with it’s own identity and culture and is posed to become yet again a place to be from.” – Andrew Ward

“15 minutes to downtown and easy access to major highways to anywhere.  An undiscovered diamond in the rough.  An investment in Madison will do nothing but grow!” – Andrew McGill

Love living in Madison! Been in Madison since 1978!” – Nancy West

I met a gentleman in his 80’s that lived in Madison his whole life and he simply said, ‘I love Madison, I love everybody here, everybody.'” – Buffy Butler

“…It has helped our residents take more pride in Madison by getting more involved and I think the results are being shown throughout 37115. There is business growth all through the area which I believe is, in part, a result of the community pride that has exploded over the past couple of years. My wife and I have lived in Madison since February 2006 and it wasn’t until the past few years that I really have gotten the sense that Madison is the place to be. It cannot be ignored that the contributions by groups like these have been a huge factor in making this a great place to live.” – Nick Grace

I lived in Madison in 1970 till about 75 then moved to another part of Nashville. Now after marrying my hubby am back inMadison. I love living here. My hubby has lived around here for alot of years and loves it. There is no need to go anywhere else. Madison has everything you could want and need.” – Linda Jeanette Steelman Jones

I love living in Madison. Great neighbors, convenient to everything. Lived here then lived in Whites Creek, so glad to be back inMadison. Feel safe here, it’s a great community.” – Regina Fluty Knight

A community is what its residents make it. Madison has many people who are working hard to instill a great quality of life. I’m proud to tell people I’ve been a Madison Park resident for 13 years and plan for many more!” – Lawson Patten

“Madison is America. We have rich and poor, we’re multiracial and multi-religious, we have families who have been in this country for generations alongside the newly arrived, we can walk down the street and hear different languages spoken. . . It’s an encouraging place to live because we see before our eyes how many ways it’s possible to be an American.” – Nan Blomgren

“I first moved to Madison with my parents and brother in 1960. We became a family of between 8 and 15 with fostering. I married and moved only as far as Murfreesboro and Goodlettsville until 1985 when we returned. We have a well built home, friendly and supportive neighbors and convenience to work, worship, shop and enjoy the beauty of middle Tennessee. Life is rich in Madison.”- Katrina A. Waltenbaugh

Every time I move away from Madison, I can’t wait to move back.” – Susie Pierce

We love Madison. We lived here almost 50 years ago when we first married. Left the area and moved to another city. Moved back to Tennessee and lived in another suburb for many years and then chose to purchase our present home here in Madison and have lived for here for about 20 years and plan for this to be our last move. It is just perfect for us. Convenient and beautiful area close to everything we need and love.” – Carolyn Crouch Sanders

I grew up in Madison “down in the bend”. I went to Neely’s Bend Elementary, Neely’s Bend Junior High School and Madison High School. I moved back to Madison about eight years ago. I love it here. We are a short drive to everything from Marrowbone lake to downtown Nashville.” – Chivonne Peeler

I was born in Madison and will do what I can to keep it and make it back to its Glory days. Love the people here.” – Rick Pharris

I love my neighborhood because of my GREAT neighbors. If I go out of town, I can expect someone to call and find out why our cars haven’t been moved or place our trash cans back. Some of my neighbors remember my girls birthdays and bring gifts. The examples of how loving everyone is to each other is truly amazing!!” – Ebony Sims Jackson

I was born at Madison Hospital in ’68.  Great year for muscle cars by the way! Love Madison. Have moved a few times, but jumped on board when Long Hollow opened up a Madison satellite! Have been back there 2 years and enjoying the work God is doing in our church for the community!” – Laura Ann Watson

I was born in Madison Memorial Hospital in ’69 and lived behind the Peterbilt Truck plant. I have fond memories of the Sears store where my father would take me downstairs and get me hot cashews, the Harveys store with the giant carousel horse on top and Alfie’s fish restaurant. I made many trips on my bike down to Knights grocery for candy & coke and in my later years worked at Sweet & Sassy. I have since long left Madison, but still think of that as my home.” – Wendy Baker

Growing up in Madison was such a wonderful experience. Accompanying my parents to the B&B Cafe, Draper’s Hardware Store, Pugh’s Drugstore, or Core’s Service Station was a social experience.  We knew the owners and others who dropped in at the same time. What a treasured memory of a treasured time.” – Brenda Jenkins Kleager.

I like Madison because everything you want or need is close by, restaurants, churches, schools, banks, stores and planet fitness. Great bus service if you need it. Healthcare and pharmacies. My sister lived here for a while. She had a little girl she named her Madyson.” – Kim Cohorn Upchurch

I do not drive because of poor eyesight. Everything I need is withing walking distance of my house pretty much.  Five grocery stores, an express bus stop to downtown, Great Escape for records, and good friends.” – Thaddaeus Tekell

Grew up in Montague.  Everything to love about childhood memories!  I have been away for many years and I hope that it can be rejuvenated to the standards it once was……People being proud of where they live and taking care of her would be a nice gesture.” – Sabrina Edgen Storm

I have fond memories of growing up in Madison. I was two years old when my parents brought a house on Oak Street. The street name has been changed and the house is no longer there, but what a place to grow up. Safe, no locks on the doors and a friendly little community in the 40’s and 50’s. There was a small grocery store call Master Market on the corner of Oak and Gallatin Pike that would give credit to my parents and my father would pay the bill every week or two. Later when I was in high school we moved down the Bend to Camel Avenue. Yes, fond memories of me and my eight siblings growing up in Madison, Tennessee.” – Peggy Barnett Tedford

I grew up down the bend and have lived in Madison for the majority of my life. Now I get to live on the mighty Cumberland River. It’s so peaceful here. I have great neighbors and everything I need is conveniently located. Madison is a great place to live, work and retire!” – Jill Speering, Metro School Board

I love growing up in Madison – Old Hickory lake is my favorite place to go – and it’s awesome now to take my 10 year old boy there and we just hang out -and to share the stories with him about my childhood at the lake – so now it’s one of his favorite places to go.” – Nisa Anderson

Love the quite in the city…have horses in my back yard love it.” – Missy Jordan

From the river by “the bricks” to Dogpatch & all its cute hot chicks; there’s Knight’s store on the corner, The Center & its courts; there’s Smeraldo’s, Rick’s & Rollins’ & peddlers of all sorts… Little League park & theMadison Rams; living in Mad Side is an experience all its own, if not born & raised (smh) I don’t expect ya to understand …” Jeff Newland

I grew up in Madison and so has my Dad and he is now 82 years old. His Dad lived on Idlewild where my dad was raised and I do not know how long his dad lived here in Madison. Also My grandfather had a grocery store too in Madison when my dad was young. …I do not know if anyone has lived here in Madison longer than my dad and has family roots here right here in Madison. I know my dad loves Madison and there is no way I could drag him out of here… As for growing up here myself, it was cruising Madison Square and Shoney’s having drive up curbside service and going to the Drive Inn Montague to watch a movie.  Hillbilly Day and the parade. Would be great to be able to do this again here in Madison Community. My brother God rest his soul for 11 years, worked at the Madison Fire Department as a Paramedic and so many times between runs they would often stop by Mom and Dad’s and get dinner and then off to save a life. To this day if I have to call the ambulance or firefighters to my or dad’s house they recognize the pic of my brother as they enter either my or my dad’s house. Metro Firefighters and Paramedics are the best. Many good memories.” – Jane Bradford